Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Five

Linking up with Nicole for this week's Thursday five.

This week's wordes are:

Happy... hmm..  I am happy I am still making an A in Biology. It seems to be getting easier as I go. AND, I work for a vet.. she has helped me understand some of the information. You can tell she loves it!
I am giddy that I got my summer swap essentials! It was super exciting to get a package in the mail!
I am joyful that I get a vacation.. well needed... 
I am still very excited that I have started back to school... I know I talk about it a lot. I am not sure the excitement will ever wear away.  
I am appreciative of my families support in all my endeavors. I have whims... and I like to be supported... :)  

1 comment:

  1. I'm excited you're taking Biology...haha.....I love biology! I want to know what you're learning!

    Oh, and I'm sure the "excited" about school part won't last forever...but enjoy that while it lasts :) Wait until you're taking lots of classes at once again...yuck! But, it'll be worth it! Gooo Anna~