Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 11

I know I skipped Day 10... But it is a picture of yourself 10 years ago. That will take some effort on my part that I don't have time to put in... so you all will have to wait :)

Day 11 - Nicknames you have and why

Nanna - people called me this in HS. I have a few people still call me this now. I like it. I think it is endearing.
Banana - hate it... obviously it rhymes with Anna.
Ena - This was what the kids at the daycare called me.
Babe - Not called this much anymore.
Sister - my mom calls me this occasionally. It's not like she is calling me "sister" as a name, but, almost like she is singing it. Hard to explain. She calls my sister "Sister-Lou"
Lolly - My nieces and nephews will call me this. My sister calls me it now sometimes.
B - term of endearment. Short for banana

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