Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday Five

Thursday Five from over at Flip Flops and Combat Boots! Yay! I am getting into this blogging thing... And this is such a cute idea! So this weeks words are

The fact that my little boy is home and getting better is Excellent. I was so worried about him last week. I've already told the story...

I received one simple yellow rose this week for mother's day. It was a beautiful sentiment

I feel joyful that I am starting my journey in completing school. My first class starts Monday. But my teacher has already posted everything online. I'm a little nervous, but super JOYFUL and excited that I am going back...

Glamorous is a hard word for me. I don't usually feel glamorous... maybe its time to change that!

I am doing the 6th Annual Run for the Warriors 5k this weekend! This is going to be refreshing! My second 5k. And hopefully there will be many more. I am a little worried about my knee however. It is an old lady knee.. :)


  1. Good luck at the 5k. I did the Run for the Warriors a few years ago and had a blast!