Saturday, May 28, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge

I am linking up with TerinAleah at Modded Momma for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. :) It will give me something to write about when I am not studying wretched Biology!

Day 01 — A recent picture and 15 facts about you
I had just gotten my hair cut.. and for some reason I am not smiling.. hmmm..

1. I am married... and separated.
2. I have 2 dogs (Cami is a brown dog... Rosco is a chocolate lab). I love my dogs and I miss them.They are my kids.
3. I am a photographer. I am currently taking a break from picture taking, but it is a passion of mine. I love doing it. 
4. I have a large family, and they are my world. My codependency on them is almost unhealthy. I need them all very much. 
5. I have 5 tattoos... and I LOVE my tattoos. They all have great meaning to them. I plan on getting more. Right now I am working on creating a rib piece, and a possible hip piece. 
6. I am a part time student. I plan on starting full time in the fall
7. I am a full time nanny to 4 boys (ages 4-14). I have become part of their family. I love these boys so much. 
8.. I am in school to be a Psychologist. I love the study of the mind, and all the things people do because of how they perceive life and react to their situations. I want to help people, and this is how I am going to accomplish that. 
9.. I can't garden. It is random... but I kill every plant that I come in contact with... if you have plants, hide them when I am coming by. :)
10. I love music. All kinds from classical to pop. 
11. I play the piano, and have played it for 25 years. I have a treble and bass clef tattooed on my wrist because my passion for music comes from way inside, and from my long time learning of music. 
12. I have a baby in heaven. And I miss her.. though we never really met.
13. I will be a mom one day.
14. I see a therapist...
15. I will be 30 this winter. I am having a hard time dealing with this.

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  1. I love your hair! SMILE!! :)

    I'm sorry you're separated :( Are you guys trying to work on things, or are you getting divorced? (If you've posted about this before, sorry! I'm a pretty new follower!)

    And how awesome of a job is being a Nanny?! SO jealous!!